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Tema Therapy is a multi-lingual Center created to serve the various needs of people and families who consider being multi-cultural or multi-lingual as a part of their identity. The founder of this facility, Dr. Irina Volynsky, had multiple experiences of being asked to evaluate children and adults whose native language was not English, who were misdiagnosed, and were not receiving appropriate help.

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We have staff members who will work with you and your budget in order to make necessary psychological treatment affordable for you and/or for your children. Because of their licensure requirements, some of our highly qualified junior clinicians currently work under supervision of the clinical director. The perks of working with one of our junior clinicians, besides the lower cost for services, also include that our junior clinicians receive hour to hour supervision from the director of the center, a licensed PhD psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the mental health field. Hour to hour supervision means that, in addition to a session with this particular clinician, two professionals will work together on your case and draft out the best possible approaches for your specific situation. If there is an issue that can be better solved by a social worker, because, say, your anxiety stems not only from psychological problems but also from a dire housing situation, the clinician will get “on a flight” consultation from one of our social workers and will provide you with available resources. So let me use the sales’ people cliché here: it is two for the low price of one! Jokes aside, this model of work ensures that our center provides best possible care for you and for your loved ones in the most cost-effective manner. On this page, each of our staff members has a chance to talk about his/her experience, expertise and working style.


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